I watched the coverage of the riots on the news tonight and thought there is obviously a media black out judging by the coverage on twitter google and face book but we had to listen to 4 hour old reports of some journalist who was on a mobile phone dont the BBC and sky have cameramen . have also noticed that for the last three days while London is burning our Lord Mayor Boris Johnson and out Prime Minister cant be bothered to come home to sort it out.i watched as the police lost control tonight while buildings burned and people looted,it turns out that they have decided to cut short their holidays and fly back to the uk well Whoop de doo I would prefer if they stayed where they are as they are not much use when they are in the country.I drove through Hackney and Camden and saw hundreds of police and smashed windows as well as the smell of burning I can still hear screams in the distance and sirens.Poeple dont riot for no reason.