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Hello there culture fans just thought you would like to see this video for the band Radio Head filmed in London using a krasnagorsk K 3 16mm camera, some expired  Ilford Hp5 from 1998 and hand processed in a drain pipe. Enjoy.


Hello there culture fans the Hackney Attic film festival is set to be rocked by a controversial puppet film featuring dead animals as stars . Cult director Tony Hickson will be showing his Sci Fi Puppet extravaganza in August, the film features a fully stuffed , cast as well as a stellar script. The film had its European premiere at the Anka international animation festival in Slovakia and Showed at The Oska Bright festival in Brighton. The Hackney Attic Film festival runs from Aug 15th to 31st. If you only go and see one Taxidermy puppet sci fi this year make sure it’s this one.

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

Hello there culture fans. Here is that short film I have been working on we used Soho and convent garden as a backdrop.

Hello there culture fans let me tell you the word up,I have been working on a controversial new piece of writing called  “wanking in public places” it’s a satire about Exodus the Christian group who claim they can cure you if you are gay.The play went  on as part of the London new writers showcase on January 10th 2014 with a fantastic cast of four at the Etcetera theatre in Camden London. I hope the piece will be part of a feature or a larger full length play. I will keep you informed.

Yes ladies and gentlemen the publishing sensation Tony’s Value poetry is online read it here for free.

Hello there music fans here is music mash up with a buddha box and a Korg kaos pad and kaossilator by those drone music people Hess club 7.

If you dont know what a cringe night is then let me explain,its when an adult reads from their teenage diary if this sounds boring let me tell you its not it is in fact 10 times more funny than a stand up gig.The top geordie storyteller Tony Hickson who is a friend of this blog was banned  for life from the cringe gigs a few years ago for being too funny.He now performs  occasionaly with Spark London a true storytelling event  held once a month.Tony has now attracted a cult following and when on the bill the event sells out very quickly.The next spark london is 7 th November Canal Cafe Theatre

Spark londons website

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