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Playwright Tony Hickson is set to premiere his play Children of the cleaved forest at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham London. The tale is a dark story set around a gang of schoolgirls, the story is based on the Conservative government and the old school network of bullies who demonize minorities and the working class. The play features four promising actresses ,in a time when it is difficult to get meaningful parts for women on the stage or screen this all girl cast is a force to be reckoned with. The play runs for three nights at the Bread and roses in Clapham 16th to 18th October 2016 as part of the spiral New writers event.

children of the cleaved forest play

Sophie Ann Barker

children of the cleaved forest play

Rosie Akerman

children of the cleaved forest play

Maria R Simmonds

children of the cleaved forest

Emma Stott


If you dont know what a cringe night is then let me explain,its when an adult reads from their teenage diary if this sounds boring let me tell you its not it is in fact 10 times more funny than a stand up gig.The top geordie storyteller Tony Hickson who is a friend of this blog was banned  for life from the cringe gigs a few years ago for being too funny.He now performs  occasionaly with Spark London a true storytelling event  held once a month.Tony has now attracted a cult following and when on the bill the event sells out very quickly.The next spark london is 7 th November Canal Cafe Theatre

Spark londons website

London cringe

Top geordie storyteller Tony Hickson is set to work with top artists  Bompas and Parr on a short film for Channel four.Tony who recently took part in the Grants Whiskey storyteller of the year is fast building a reputation for himself on the poetry stand up and storytelling circuit recently returning from the Edinburgh festival where he won an award.

Tony Hickson a top storyteller from Crouch End has beaten thousands of rivals to get into the finals of th Grants Whiskey true tales contest.Tony who is origionally from Newcastle tells the tale of family holidays in the 1980s in his story Curly Sandwich you can vote for him online the voting closes at the end of this month.see link below