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Playwright Tony Hickson is set to premiere his play Children of the cleaved forest at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham London. The tale is a dark story set around a gang of schoolgirls, the story is based on the Conservative government and the old school network of bullies who demonize minorities and the working class. The play features four promising actresses ,in a time when it is difficult to get meaningful parts for women on the stage or screen this all girl cast is a force to be reckoned with. The play runs for three nights at the Bread and roses in Clapham 16th to 18th October 2016 as part of the spiral New writers event.

children of the cleaved forest play

Sophie Ann Barker

children of the cleaved forest play

Rosie Akerman

children of the cleaved forest play

Maria R Simmonds

children of the cleaved forest

Emma Stott


Hello there culture fans ,yes my film Captain Ratty Intergalactic Space Warrior .The cinematic juggernaut that it is , will be screened at the Oska Bright film festival in Brighton November. The film fresh from its success at Fest Anka the Slovakian international film festival in July is set to take the Sci Fi world by storm, already it has a cult following in Slovakia as well as the UK.

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

The film will be showing at the Brighton Dome Corn exchange 9 10 11 of November 2015

Hello there culture fans. Here is that short film I have been working on we used Soho and convent garden as a backdrop.

Hello there culture fans let me tell you the word up,I have been working on a controversial new piece of writing called  “wanking in public places” it’s a satire about Exodus the Christian group who claim they can cure you if you are gay.The play went  on as part of the London new writers showcase on January 10th 2014 with a fantastic cast of four at the Etcetera theatre in Camden London. I hope the piece will be part of a feature or a larger full length play. I will keep you informed.