Hello there culture fans just thought you would like to see this video for the band Radio Head filmed in London using a krasnagorsk K 3 16mm camera, some expired  Ilford Hp5 from 1998 and hand processed in a drain pipe. Enjoy.


Hello there culture fans the Hackney Attic film festival is set to be rocked by a controversial puppet film featuring dead animals as stars . Cult director Tony Hickson will be showing his Sci Fi Puppet extravaganza in August, the film features a fully stuffed , cast as well as a stellar script. The film had its European premiere at the Anka international animation festival in Slovakia and Showed at The Oska Bright festival in Brighton. The Hackney Attic Film festival runs from Aug 15th to 31st. If you only go and see one Taxidermy puppet sci fi this year make sure it’s this one.

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

Hello there culture fans. The film I have been promoting at the moment  my sci fi animation Captain Ratty Intergalactic Space crusader , will be in the Hackney attic film festival in August.

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

The Hackney Attic film festival runs from 15th to 31 of August at Hackney Picturehouse.

Hackney Picturehouse

Hackney Attic film festival

Here is their blog



Captain Ratty Intergalactic space crusader

Hello there

culture fans I thought I would let you know that ,the cult sci fi film Captain Ratty Intergalactic space Crusader is now on youtube. The film is fresh back from it’s screening at the Oska Bright 2015 film festival in Brighton.

captain Ratty

Hello there culture fans if you live in London check out this funny film on youtube

Hello there culture fans ,yes my film Captain Ratty Intergalactic Space Warrior .The cinematic juggernaut that it is , will be screened at the Oska Bright film festival in Brighton November. The film fresh from its success at Fest Anka the Slovakian international film festival in July is set to take the Sci Fi world by storm, already it has a cult following in Slovakia as well as the UK.

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

Captain Ratty intergalactic space warrior

The film will be showing at the Brighton Dome Corn exchange 9 10 11 of November 2015





The onslaught of gentrification continues and it is all complete in Kings Cross in the London Borough of Islington. Kings Cross used to have a reputation as being a seedy Red light district, and I never really visited it in 20 years of living in London. The council started to clean the area up in the 1990s. There was a need to move the drug dealers and prostitutes out of the area, but like most vices they just moved elsewhere.

The gentrification of the area came to a head with the closure of the last three sex cinemas in the area this year. What has this got to do with gentrification ? Well it all starts in the 70s, when most porn cinemas were unlicensed. There were a few incidents when people were thrown out of porn cinemas and returned and torched the place. The London councils decided to grant licences so that they would have to adhere to fire regulations, and so the places would be safe. The end of 2014 saw the licences for Oscars a gay cinema and Abcat in City Road as well as fantasy video all revoked. The revocation of these licences were after undercover visits by council officials, who witnessed “Goings On”. I am not sure what they expected in a porn cinema .



They were given the choice to appeal the decision, but the legal costs were going to be in the thousands. The three cinemas all closed down within 6 months of each other. Fantasy video has now moved to New Cross. There are still a few cinemas in Soho, but as Soho is changing, their days are numbered. See my article sexless Soho. It could be said with today’s internet you can watch porn in your own home, but the fact that they closed all three cinemas in a short period of time, suggests a wider agenda. Oscars cinema was the only gay cinema to be closed , and it’s over the road from a Central Station a very important pub in the gay scene. This is where The Gay Times newspaper had an office upstairs when it first started. The pub hosts various fetish nights, and as part of the new Puritanism could be in the sights of the council.