Hello there culture fans I have nor been writing blogs for a while,as I have just been finishing my MA in screenwriting at London College of communication.I will now have more time to write random shite for this blog as well as the four million other projects I have on the go. Here are some photos of our last day.1526673_10152572325446309_5998271318388963492_n 1623462_10152572325031309_6029477825418596145_n 10409594_10152572324701309_8687321198857288139_n 10599548_10152572325151309_7358345263036012783_n 10698399_10152572325356309_2654327235510604348_n 10845923_10152572324866309_8051571738277250667_n 10847789_10152572324511309_510760661809751529_n Tony Hickson Tony Hickson script writer Tony Hickson writer Tony Hickson MA