Hello there culture fans I have been talked into giving up my blog to Ratty this week so he can review the shows we saw in Edinburgh. Here goes.

ratty reviews Guinea pigs on trial   Shit Theatre

Hello there I must say I was impressed by anybody called Shit Theatre, and a show about Guinea Pigs ,as a rodent myself I try to support any show by rodents for rodents about rodents. I was a bit disappointed when I found out there were no rodents in the show but it was a good show none the less. The people behind Shit Theatre are Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit, I don’t know if that’s her real name or if she is a real biscuit, perhaps a custard cream. The show is about the girls attempt to get onto different medical trials . I am glad I managed to find this show at Edinburgh, amongst all the shite, as sometimes you need to search in order to find these little gems. The day we went it was packed, and felt that it was well worth the trail through all the rain in order to find a show of this calibre. The show managed to provide an interesting and entertaining show using their de constructed style of theatre. The use of the X files and 1980s Carla Lane sitcom Butterflies provided the backdrop for the story  with the narrative following a circular arc. You might be tempted to think that a company called Shit Theatre is not serious ,but you would be unwise to dismiss them. The theatrical device of taking a serious subject and making it comical only serves to heighten it’s satirical importance. The metaphor of the butterfly offers an interesting juxtaposition with the idea of going through a transition or medical change. I went with my friend Tony Hickson and he is a shit hot writer and he loved it. For my money it was the best show I saw on the fringe and managed to encompass the whole fringe ethos. It was worth the 400 mile trip even thought I found out they live in Manor house just up the road from me.


6 stars