Hello there culture fans well the hoo haa that was Miley Cyrus shaking her arse about a bit and generally wearing no clothes seems to be ongoing. I thought that since I have a blog and that makes me a journalist and social commentator I would furnish the world with my opinion like a student hovel full of exploding Ikea furniture. First up Miley I think that you are an attractive young woman,but for fuck’s sake put some clothes on,Its nearly winter. I know that marks and Spencer do an attractive range of cardigans in edgy patterns ,and I read on a fashion blog that they are coming back in fashion ,so have that tip on me. If I was a teenage boy I would not mind you parading around with no clothes on,in fact I would be all for it. I am however nearly 45, and when I see you dancing around in your underwear, I am worried that you might catch a cold, so why not get a nice bobble hat and scarf  ? I saw some nice ones in the market at Elephant and Castle just the other day, perhaps even a hot water bottle ,you could buy some of them big knickers they sell in marks and Spencer and shove it down the back,thus avoiding a nasty chill in the coming months.Sinead love back in the olden days(the 1980s) you were all right with that first single I saw you on top of the pops you were very attractive.I might have even knocked one out.I feel however it all went a bit tits up after that ,and although you say some good things,your music is a bit duff these days,so it would probably be best if you cork it love and leave the social comment to people like me.X