Hello there culture fans,I just got back from Edinburgh and it was great.I was at the fringe in my capacity as the editor of Meat Plough Magazine and was promoting poetry.The poet Rob Auton was doing his new show The Sky Show and he won the Dave Tv best joke of the fringe,I wont repeat it because you had to be there ,and you weren’t,if you were ,why didn’t you say hello.Rob Auton appeared in issue no 1 of Meat Plough Magazine,and I like to think this is why he won.There was some other cool stuff at the fringe like Frank Sinazzi and his Das Vegas nights,its a gas.I would also like to say I hit the jackpot and stumbled across a really good show called The life and times of Viktor Biktrakarawitz.This was a cool musical about a family that goes tits up in a big way ,with gimps,incest,murder and drugs and all that for £4.50 it was the best show I saw on the fringe and managed to encompass what the fringe festival is all about.The fringe in the past few years has become really corporate and with the BBC and other companies booking all the good venues it forces the prices up and keeps the real talent out,I was lucky to find this little jem.I later found out that they are from Newcastle upon Tyne my hometown.The company is called pigeon incest