I am writing this as I just had the sad news that Louis Tussauds House of Wax in Great Yarmouth has closed.The waxworks was the butt of much internet scorn as lets face it some of the waxworks were a bit shite. Most of the waxworks were from the 1980s Kojak Starsky and Hutch they even have an Eddie The Eagle,but alas along with the seaside resorts whose sad decline started at the end of the sixties,also reflects the way the British chose to enjoy themselves, gone are the end of the pier show and all the variety shows.In 2013 do people still want to see waxworks? When they first started waxworks in the 1700 s they were the only way the general public could see what celebrities look like and were a sensation. In 2013 we have the internet and ironically it was the internet that killed off The House of Wax with lots of people having a go at the duff waxworks.The images went around the world and everybody had a good laugh,but I think these people are missing the point,and the point is that there’s nothing better than a really shite waxwork and that was the beauty of Loius Tussauds it didn’t dissapoint.It harks back to a time when families would trail around these museums and exhibitions and gaze in awe at the artistry involved,and then be scared shitless by the chamber of horrors.I must admit when I went I was truly spellbound by the ancient house with its winding staircase and its medieval torture chamber.I walked along a corridor with different scenes behind glass and at the end was Peter Sutcliffe with no glass ,it was almost like he could have just stepped out the exhibit.They had a lovely hall of mirrors and I stared and stared at the distorted reflection . Then I went into the ancient 1960s amusement arcade, and I wandered around for about 45 mins I think I was the only one there that day I did hear footsteps but didn’t see anybody perhaps it was a ghost ?.This is how we used to enjoy ourselves in days gone by.And I would spend hours as a child playing on arcade games and losing myself in another world .In todays society the need to lose yourself has not gone away you just need to sit in a café and watch the people on laptops and mobile phones, ironically communicating without communication. Its called vicarious living experiencing everything second hand and these days it seems to be the norm.The people on the internet that laughed at The House of Wax missed out because they weren’t there ,they didn’t look in the hall of mirrors and see what I did ,they didn’t get to experience the 1980s preserved in aspic.They didn’t get to touch the past,or see the future.