Here in London we have a large problem with homeless people and rough sleepers,the recent law change to make squatting illegal have made things worse,but up in leeds Jimmy Savilles house in roundhay park  is up for sale,personally I wouldn’t  give them a quid ,It looks quite spacious from the photos I have seen ,however I think the estate agent might have their work cut out, apart from the fact he was found dead there ,luckily the god awful furniture has been sold at auction to some gullible arseholes who wanted a “little bit of that  jimmy magic” wonder what that shite is worth now?.The carpet is enough to give you a heart attack ,anyway a ton of shake and vac would not be able to erase the presence of the creepy fucker from the house.I am going off now to sit in a bath of bleach to try and stop my skin crawling off my fucking body when I think of that deeply tragic old cunt.I would like to point out before any whinging arseholes give me that innocent until proven guilty shit and he did a lot of work for charity etc etc,I worked for a newspaper in 1986 and the editor told me then that he  was a nonce  and he heard from serving  police officers  and it was common knowledge.discuss

For anyone interested here is a link to more photos