Man made out of booze

Hello there we at flowers in  your dustbin like Pete Doherty a man who makes no excuses for who he is and lives life regardless of  other people or the consequences.He got his get out of jail card last week and was on the stage in Camden on Saturday I was going to see him but managed to miss him as I was at the open day of The Little Angel puppet  Theatre which allowed me to swan around and remain popular .I did  get to see him at his last get out of jail gig at the Forum in Kentish town a few years back ,he came out the stage door so drunk he was like a man made out of liquid and had to be held up by Shane Mcgowan a man who is no stranger to a bottle of pop,he then slid into a taxi as it drove away with fans chasing after,some girl jumped in front of it and pounded the bonnet with her hands as she shoted “Pete Pete I want to fuck you” at this Pete seemed to come alive and then tried to climb out the sunroof  some fans grabbed his hand and there was a tug of was as the cab driver grabbed his  foot and  more people grabbed his hand eventually he slid back into the car with a big cheer from the crowd that had gathered outside of Kentish Town Kebabs he sped off into the night like a kaleidoscope of human tragedy towards Camden.This is an excuse to use some exclusive pics on my blog